At Avant-Garde Florist:

  • We offer high quality flowers and plants, fresh or preserved, natural or silk.
  • We create bouquets that are inspired, unusual and noticed; durable arrangements, for your table, living room or entrance; a green hanging or entire green wall – trend setting; plant sculptures or land art for a funky yard; and, of course a personalized floral design for your wedding, reception, party or other special occasions!
  • We have great gift ideas – our original creations and those of other local artists and artisans, for example, unique greeting cards, toy animals, wall hangings, fashion accessories, leather goods, vases and pots, even 'terroir' gourmet baskets!
  • We also lead floral design workshops, where we weave technique and creativity.
Avant-Garde Florist is a cutting-edge boutique established in the Outaouais Region for many years.

We offer a vast variety of personalized and quality products and services.